Satyajit, a professional photographer based in Chennai, India, has been in this field since 1998 as a freelancer. Graduated from Loyola College in 1996 in Visual Communication, he was subsequently trained under Iqbal Mohammed [Renowned Advertising and Automotive Photographer and Director Light & Life Academy] for over two years. Satyajit has been engaged for the last decade in ‘advertising related’ photography, architecture, interiors, fashion, food, and a variety of other FMCG products. 

         Passionately involved with Automobile photography, he has been engaged in several launch campaigns in this sector. Has had the distinction of being the first Indian photographer to design and shoot with a motion rig for Automobiles. As an ‘Aviation Photographer’, participated in an International Research Project on Air Safety. His affinity for the ‘outdoors’, deriving inspiration from the ever changing quality of light, the intensity and magical quality of nature, that can impact people in different ways, his outlook on life, has made Satyajit view photography as an art form, thus making his work so unique!

He takes his evolution as an artist with great passion. View his personal and insightful work on this link.


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