Cities develope due to the sole aim of economics. Providing manufacturing and financial hubs the attract people in the millions towards a dream of a “settled” life and one that is materialistically fulfilling.

However, cities are really a hub of insatiable greed. They never fulfil anything because the spin is a never ending spiral.
They end up being a generators of filth, muck & a life of extreme alienation.

Servants working in Luxury homes, go back to their breathless spaces.

People working in Luxury offices have to enter the Chaos of traffic and crumbling infrastructure.

Creating comfort spaces in uncomfortable environments.

And you know what? we are all ok with this….

Dreams are no longer shattered…. they are distorted and morphed to the extent that one looses ones own identity.

Cities are essentially a very potent mix of everything life has to offer.
While we all live in the enchantment and illusion of progress, the city’s cancer spreads. Look into its behaviour and attributes and you’ll see its not different from the Emperor of all Maladies.

AS I type I see that there is a sense of accepting things that were previously unacceptable. But in the interest of what?